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ABillie prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Anthem Joint prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Big Boy prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Chilled Out prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Define The South prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
We Blowing Up prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Dopeboy Fresh prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Fire Fuego prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Grindman prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Puttin Work In prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Knock Knock prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Uplifting Godly prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Go Harder Then Ever prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Goin Hard Boy prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Grinder Dirty South prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Holla At Me prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Take Flight prd Gm3 House $9.99Buy
Doesnt Matter Anyway Dubstep prd Gm3 Dubstep $9.99Buy
Southern Monster prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Swagaholic prd Gm3 Dirty South $9.99Buy
Swagger prd Gm3 Dirty South $19.99Buy
Vibin Lowend HipHop prb Gm3 HipHop $19.99Buy
What Ya Heard prd Gm3 Dirty South $19.99Buy
Ya Mon Reggae Island prd Gm3 Reggae $19.99Buy
Strive For Better by Gm3 HipHop, Rap $19.99Buy
Kungfu Beat For Sale by Gm3 HipHop, Rap $19.99Buy

Welcome to, an online beatshop, where artists can lease beats from Gm3. I produce high quality rap, hiphop, east coast, westcoast, trap, pop, club and dubstep instrumentals and strive to keep a fresh catalog of music for artists. When you lease beats from this website, they are available for instant download un-tagged upon purchase. These beats are at the highest quality and produced / mixed on professional equipment so you get that "big studio sound" putting your material above the competition. Check out some of my credits to see who I have worked with in the past.

Lease Beats - Download Instantly!

No more waiting for beats to get sent. When you buy a beat on this site you get it immediately. Take a listen to some select beats below and let me know what you think over on our Facebook Page and our @Shop4Beats Twitter Page! You can buy a beat by clicking "Buy" to add a beat to your cart.

Who is this site for?

This site was made for any serious artist looking to lease beats or find instrumentals for sale. The beats are available non-exclusive or exclusive at an affordable price. My goal is to maintain a constantly updated, high quality catalog with fresh beats, ready to go, formatted in song format, so you can jump right in the booth. I have all types of genres and add tracks all of the time for every kind of artist. The drums are hard hitting, and the audio quality speaks for itself. Check out some of the placements I have landed over on the credits page!

What is a non-exclusive beat lease?

By purchasing a non-exclusive lease for a beat from, you agree to these conditions: 1. You may use the beat(s) for one commercial or promotional recording use. 2. You understand the producer retains the rights of the instrumental(s). 3. You will not resell or remake the beat. 4. You will give credit to Gm3 on all song titles and on all releases (prd by Gm3 or If you have any questions please email Enjoy!

What does it mean to buy the exclusive rights to a beat?

By purchasing the exclusive rights to a beat from, you receive the stems of the beat for mixing and mastering in WAV format. You agree to these terms: You may use the beat(s) for unlimited commercial or promotional recording use. 2. The producer retains the rights of the instrumental(s) but the beat will never be resold again and marked as SOLD. 3. You will not resell the beat but you can remix or rearrange the beat how you see fit for your song. 4. You will give credit to the producer in all song titles on all releases (prd by ABC). If you have any questions please email Enjoy!

How can I pay?

I accept PayPal payments as it is the most secure form of payment to lease beats and the most used. If you don't have a PayPal account you can still pay with a card at checkout. If you have any questions or problems with checkout, please feel free to contact us at


Can I upload my finished material to the blog?

If you jump on a track or an instrumental that you purchased from this site and want to feature it on the blog, submit it! Submit the mp3, along with the artwork / information and I will post it up on the blog no problem! I look forward to hearing your work! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get your work out there!

If you have any questions on how to lease beats or instrumentals, feel free to contact me with any questions you have! Enjoy! All beats are 100% Original and contain NO SAMPLES. Upon purchase you will receive a high quality 320 kbps UNTAGGED mp3. If you have any questions please email